EIG.plot(mu=None, fig=None, ax=None, left=-6, right=0.5, ymin=-8, ymax=8, damping=0.05, line_width=0.5, s=40, dpi=None, figsize=None, base_color='black', show=True, latex=True, style='default')[source]#

Plot utility for eigenvalues in the S domain.

muarray, optional

an array of complex eigenvalues

figfigure handl, optional

existing matplotlib figure handle

axaxis handle, optional

existing axis handle

leftint, optional

left tick for the x-axis, by default -6

rightfloat, optional

right tick, by default 0.5

yminint, optional

bottom tick, by default -8

ymaxint, optional

top tick, by default 8

dampingfloat, optional

damping value for which the dash plots are drawn

line_widthfloat, optional

default line width, by default 0.5

sfloat or array-like, shape (n, ), optional

The marker size in points**2

dpiint, optional

figure dpi

figsize[type], optional

default figure size, by default None

base_colorstr, optional

base color for negative eigenvalues

showbool, optional

True to show figure after plot, by default True

latexbool, optional

True to use latex, by default True


matplotlib figure object


matplotlib axis object