EIG.sweep(params, idxes, values)[source]#

Parameter sweep for root loci plot.

paramslist of NumParam or ConstService

list of parameters indices to sweep. For example, [ss.GENCLS.M] for GENCLS.M. To update ss.GENCLS.M for two generators, params should be set to [ss.GENCLS.M, ss.GENCLS.M].

idxeslist of int or str

list of indices to sweep. For example, ["GENCLS_1", "GENCLS_2"] for the indices of GENCLS whose corresponding parameter will be updated. The length of idxes must match that of params and values.

values: list of lists

New values of the parameters. Each element in values is a list for the corresponding element in params and idxes.


A dictionary of the results where the keys are 0-indexed count of parameter set, and the values are dictionaries. Each value dictionary contains a mu field for the eigenvalues.


To apply 10 parameters evenly spaced between 1 and 10 to ss.GENCLS.M of GENCLS_1, do

ret = ss.EIG.sweep(ss.GENCLS.M, "GENCLS_1", np.linspace(1, 2, 10))

This is equivalent to the following just for convenience.

ret = ss.EIG.sweep([ss.GENCLS.M],
                   [np.linspace(1, 2, 10)])