System.prepare(quick=False, incremental=False, models=None, nomp=False, ncpu=1)[source]#

Generate numerical functions from symbolically defined models.

All procedures in this function must be independent of test case.

quickbool, optional

True to skip pretty-print generation to reduce code generation time.

incrementalbool, optional

True to generate only for modified models, incrementally.

modelslist, OrderedDict, None

List or OrderedList of models to prepare


True to disable multiprocessing


Generated lambda functions will be serialized to file, but pretty prints (SymPy objects) can only exist in the System instance on which prepare is called.


Option incremental compares the md5 checksum of all var and service strings, and only regenerate for updated models.


If one needs to print out LaTeX-formatted equations in a Jupyter Notebook, one need to generate such equations with

import andes
sys = andes.prepare()

Alternatively, one can explicitly create a System and generate the code

import andes
sys = andes.System()