andes.interop.pandapower.to_pandapower(ssa, ctrl=[], verify=True, tol=1e-06)[source]#

Convert an ANDES system to a pandapower network for power flow studies.


The ANDES system to be converted


The controlability of generators. The length should be the same with the number of StaticGen. If not given, controllability of generators will be assigned by default. Example input: [1, 0, 1, ...]; PV first, then Slack.


If True, the converted network will be verified with the source ANDES system using AC power flow.


The tolerance of error.


A pandapower net with the same bus, branch, gen, and load data as the ANDES system


Handling of the following parameters:
  • This interface tracks static power flow model in ANDES: Bus, Line, PQ, Shunt, PV, and Slack. However, it does not track the dynamic models in ANDES, including but not limited to TurbineGov, SynGen, and Exciter.

  • The interface converts the Slack in ANDES to gen in pandapower rather than ext_gen.

  • MUST NOT verify power flow after initializing TDS in ANDES. ANDES does not allow running PFlow for systems with initialized TDS as it will break variable addressing.

  • If you want to track dynamic model outputs in ANDES and feedback into pandapower, you might need to manually transfer the results from ANDES to pandapower.

  • Generator cost is not included in the conversion. Use add_gencost() to add cost data.

  • By default, all generators in ssp are controllable unless user-defined controllability is given

  • The online status of generators are determined by the online status of StaticGen that connected to the SynGen or DG

  • is from ssa.StaticGen.idx, which should be unique