run#, input_path='', verbose=20, mp_verbose=30, ncpu=1, pool=False, cli=False, codegen=False, shell=False, **kwargs)[source]#

Entry point to run ANDES routines.


file name (or pattern)

input_pathstr, optional

input search path

verboseint, 10 (DEBUG), 20 (INFO), 30 (WARNING), 40 (ERROR), 50 (CRITICAL)

Verbosity level. If config_logger is called prior to run, this option will be ignored.


Verbosity level for multiprocessing tasks

ncpuint, optional

Number of cpu cores to use in parallel

pool: bool, optional

Use Pool for multiprocessing to return a list of created Systems.


Other supported keyword arguments

clibool, optional

If is running from command-line. If True, returns exit code instead of System

codegenbool, optional

Run full code generation for System before loading case. Only used for single test case.

shellbool, optional

If True, enter IPython shell after routine.

System or exit_code

An instance of system (if cli == False) or an exit code otherwise..