andes.main.run_case(case, *, routine='pflow', profile=False, convert='', convert_all='', add_book=None, codegen=False, autogen_stale=True, remove_pycapsule=False, **kwargs)[source]#

Run single simulation case for the given full path. Use run instead of run_case whenever possible.

Argument input_path will not be prepended to case.

Arguments recognizable by load can be passed to run_case.


Full path to the test case

routinestr, ('pflow', 'tds', 'eig')

Computation routine to run

profilebool, optional

True to enable profiler

convertstr, optional

Format name for case file conversion.

convert_allstr, optional

Format name for case file conversion, output sheets for all available devices.

add_bookstr, optional

Name of the device to be added to an excel case as a new sheet.

codegenbool, optional

True to run codegen

autogen_stalebool, optional

True to automatically generate code for stale models

remove_pycapsulebool, optional

True to remove pycapsule from C libraries. Useful when dill serialization is needed.