Parameter is a type of building atom for DAE models. Most parameters are read directly from an input file and passed to equation, and other parameters can be calculated from existing parameters.

The base class for parameters in ANDES is BaseParam, which defines interfaces for adding values and checking the number of values. BaseParam has its values stored in a plain list, the member attribute v. Subclasses such as NumParam stores values using a NumPy ndarray.

An overview of supported parameters is given below.

BaseParam([default, name, tex_name, info, ...])

The base parameter class.

DataParam([default, name, tex_name, info, ...])

An alias of the BaseParam class.

IdxParam([default, name, tex_name, info, ...])

An alias of BaseParam with an additional storage of the owner model name

NumParam(default, name, tex_name, info, ...)

A computational numerical parameter.

ExtParam(model, src[, indexer, vtype, ...])

A parameter whose values are retrieved from an external model or group.

TimerParam([callback, default, name, ...])

A parameter whose values are event occurrence times during the simulation.