Source code for andes.cli

ANDES command-line interface and argument parsers.

import argparse
import importlib
import logging
import platform
import sys
from time import strftime

from andes.shared import NCPUS_PHYSICAL

from andes.main import config_logger, find_log_path
from andes.routines import routine_cli
from andes.utils.paths import get_log_dir

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

command_aliases = {
    'prepare': ['prep'],
    'selftest': ['st'],

[docs]def create_parser(): """ Create a parser for the command-line interface. Returns ------- argparse.ArgumentParser Parser with all ANDES options """ parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() parser.add_argument( '-v', '--verbose', help='Verbosity level in 10-DEBUG, 20-INFO, 30-WARNING, ' 'or 40-ERROR.', type=int, default=20, choices=(1, 10, 20, 30, 40)) sub_parsers = parser.add_subparsers(dest='command', help='[run] run simulation routine; ' '[plot] plot results; ' '[doc] quick documentation; ' '[misc] misc. functions; ' '[prepare] prepare the numerical code; ' '[selftest] run self test; ' ) run = sub_parsers.add_parser('run') run.add_argument('filename', help='Case file name. Power flow is calculated by default.', nargs='*') run.add_argument('-r', '--routine', nargs='*', default=('pflow', ), action='store', help='Simulation routine(s). Single routine or multiple separated with ' 'space. Run PFlow by default.', choices=list(routine_cli.keys())) run.add_argument('-p', '--input-path', help='Path to case files', type=str, default='') run.add_argument('-a', '--addfile', help='Additional files used by some formats.') run.add_argument('-P', '--pert', help='Perturbation file path', default='') run.add_argument('-o', '--output-path', help='Output path prefix', type=str, default='') run.add_argument('-n', '--no-output', help='Force no output of any kind', action='store_true') run.add_argument('--ncpu', help='Number of parallel processes', type=int, default=NCPUS_PHYSICAL) run.add_argument('--dime-address', help='DiME streaming server protocol, address and port,' 'e.g., tcp:// or ipc:///tmp/dime2', type=str) run.add_argument('--tf', help='End time of time-domain simulation', type=float) run.add_argument('--qrt', help='Enable quasi-real-time stepping', action='store_true') run.add_argument('--kqrt', help='Scaling factor for quasi-real-time; e.g., kqrt=2 means the wall-clock time ' 'to complete a simulation is 2x the time of that simulation', type=float) run.add_argument('-c', '--convert', help='Convert to format.', type=str, default='', nargs='?') run.add_argument('-b', '--add-book', help='Add a template workbook for the specified model.', type=str) run.add_argument('--convert-all', help='Convert to format with all templates.', type=str, default='', nargs='?') run.add_argument('--state-matrix', help='Export state matrix to a .mat file. Need to run with `-r eig`', action='store_true') run.add_argument('--profile', action='store_true', help='Enable Python cProfiler') run.add_argument('-s', '--shell', action='store_true', help='Start in IPython shell') run.add_argument('--no-preamble', action='store_true', help='Hide preamble') run.add_argument('--no-pbar', action='store_true', help='Hide progress bar for time-domain') run.add_argument('--flat', action='store_true', help='Run no-disturbance (flat) simulation') run.add_argument('--pool', action='store_true', help='Start multiprocess with Pool ' 'and return a list of Systems') run.add_argument('--from-csv', help='Use data from a CSV file instead of from simulation') run.add_argument('-O', '--config-option', help='Set configuration option specificied by ' 'NAME.FIELD=VALUE with no space. For example, ""', type=str, default='', nargs='*') run.add_argument('--init', help='Initialize variables only for time-domain simulation without running', action='store_true') plot = sub_parsers.add_parser('plot') plot.add_argument('filename', nargs=1, default=[], help='simulation output file name, which should end ' 'with `out`. File extension can be omitted.') plot.add_argument('x', nargs='?', type=int, help='the X-axis variable index, typically 0 for Time', default='0') plot.add_argument('y', nargs='*', help='Y-axis variable indices. Space-separated indices or a ' 'colon-separated range is accepted') plot.add_argument('--xmin', type=float, help='minimum value for X axis', dest='left') plot.add_argument('--xmax', type=float, help='maximum value for X axis', dest='right') plot.add_argument('--ymax', type=float, help='maximum value for Y axis') plot.add_argument('--ymin', type=float, help='minimum value for Y axis') find_or_xargs = plot.add_mutually_exclusive_group() find_or_xargs.add_argument('--find', type=str, help='find variable indices that matches the given pattern') find_or_xargs.add_argument('-a', '--xargs', type=str, help='find variable indices and return as a list of arguments ' 'usable with "|xargs andes plot"') plot.add_argument('--exclude', type=str, help='pattern to exclude in find or xargs results') plot.add_argument('-x', '--xlabel', type=str, help='x-axis label text') plot.add_argument('-y', '--ylabel', type=str, help='y-axis label text') plot.add_argument('-s', '--savefig', action='store_true', help='save figure. The default format is `png`') plot.add_argument('-f', '--format', dest='save_format', help='format for savefig. Common formats such as png, pdf, jpg are supported') plot.add_argument('--dpi', type=int, help='image resolution in dot per inch (DPI)') plot.add_argument('--font-size', type=float, help='Text font size', default=12) plot.add_argument('--line-width', type=float, help='Plot line width', default=1.5) plot.add_argument('-g', '--grid', action='store_true', help='grid on') plot.add_argument('-t', '--title', help='title text') plot.add_argument('--greyscale', action='store_true', help='greyscale on') plot.add_argument('-d', '--no-latex', action='store_false', dest='latex', help='disable LaTex formatting') plot.add_argument('-n', '--no-show', action='store_false', dest='show', help='do not show the plot window') plot.add_argument('--ytimes', type=str, help='scale the y-axis values by YTIMES') plot.add_argument('-c', '--to-csv', help='convert npy output to csv', action='store_true') plot.add_argument('--hline1', help='dashed horizontal line 1', type=float) plot.add_argument('--hline2', help='dashed horizontal line 2', type=float) plot.add_argument('--vline1', help='dashed vertical line 1', type=float) plot.add_argument('--vline2', help='dashed vertical line 2', type=float) doc = sub_parsers.add_parser('doc') doc.add_argument('attribute', help='System attribute name to get documentation', nargs='?') doc.add_argument('--config', '-c', help='Config help') doc.add_argument('--list', '-l', help='List supported models and groups', action='store_true', dest='list_supported') doc.add_argument('--init-seq', help='Show model initialization sequence', action='store_true', ) misc = sub_parsers.add_parser('misc') config_exclusive = misc.add_mutually_exclusive_group() config_exclusive.add_argument('--edit-config', help='Quick edit of the config file', default='', nargs='?', type=str) config_exclusive.add_argument('--save-config', help='save configuration to file name', nargs='?', type=str, default='') misc.add_argument('--license', action='store_true', help='Display software license', dest='show_license') misc.add_argument('-C', '--clean', help='Clean output files', action='store_true') misc.add_argument('-r', '--recursive', help='Recursively clean outputs (combined useage with --clean)', action='store_true') misc.add_argument('-O', '--config-option', help='Set configuration option specificied by ' 'NAME.FIELD=VALUE with no space. For example, ""', type=str, default='', nargs='*') misc.add_argument('--version', action='store_true', help='Display version information') prep = sub_parsers.add_parser('prepare', aliases=command_aliases['prepare']) prep_mode = prep.add_mutually_exclusive_group() prep_mode.add_argument('-q', '--quick', action='store_true', help='quick codegen by skipping pretty prints') prep_mode.add_argument('-f', '--full', action='store_true', help='full codegen') prep_mode.add_argument('-i', '--incremental', action='store_true', help='rapid incrementally generate for updated models') prep.add_argument('-c', '--compile', help='compile the code with numba after codegen', action='store_true', dest='precompile') prep.add_argument('--pycode-path', help='Save path for generated pycode') prep.add_argument('-m', '--models', nargs='*', help='model names to be individually prepared', ) prep.add_argument('--ncpu', help='Number of parallel processes', type=int, default=NCPUS_PHYSICAL) prep.add_argument('--nomp', help='Disable multiprocessing', action='store_true',) prep.add_argument('--incubate', help='Save generated pycode under the ANDES code directory to avoid codegen', action='store_true') selftest = sub_parsers.add_parser('selftest', aliases=command_aliases['selftest']) selftest.add_argument('-q', '--quick', action='store_true', help='quick selftest by skipping codegen') demo = sub_parsers.add_parser('demo') # NOQA return parser
[docs]def preamble(): """ Log the ANDES command-line preamble at the `logging.INFO` level """ from andes import __version__ as version py_version = platform.python_version() system_name = platform.system() date_time = strftime('%m/%d/%Y %I:%M:%S %p')"\n" rf" _ _ | Version {version}" + '\n' rf" /_\ _ _ __| |___ ___ | Python {py_version} on {system_name}, {date_time}" + '\n' r" / _ \| ' \/ _` / -_|_-< | " + "\n" r' /_/ \_\_||_\__,_\___/__/ | This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.' + '\n') log_path = find_log_path(logging.getLogger("andes")) if len(log_path): logger.debug('Logging to file "%s"', log_path[0])
[docs]def main(): """ Entry point of the ANDES command-line interface. """ parser = create_parser() args = parser.parse_args() # Set up logging config_logger(stream=True, stream_level=args.verbose, file=True, log_path=get_log_dir(), ) logger.debug(args) module = importlib.import_module('andes.main') if args.command in ('plot', 'doc', 'misc'): pass elif args.command == 'run' and args.no_preamble is True: pass else: preamble() # Run the command if args.command is None: parser.parse_args(sys.argv.append('--help')) else: cmd = args.command for fullcmd, aliases in command_aliases.items(): if cmd in aliases: cmd = fullcmd func = getattr(module, cmd) return func(cli=True, **vars(args))