Simple pandapower (2.7.0) interface


add_gencost(ssp, gen_cost)

Add cost function to converted pandapower net ssp.

build_group_table(ssa, group, columns[, ...])

Build the table for devices in a group in an ANDES System.

make_GSF(ppn[, verify, using_sparse_solver])

Build the Generation Shift Factor matrix of a pandapower net.


Build the link table for generators and generator controllers in an ANDES System, including SynGen and DG for now.


Decorator for functions that require pandapower.

runopp_map(ssp, link_table, **kwargs)

Run OPF in pandapower using pp.runopp() and map results back to ANDES based on the link table.

to_pandapower(ssa[, ctrl, verify, tol])

Convert an ANDES system to a pandapower network for power flow studies.