andes.main.load(case, codegen=False, setup=True, use_input_path=True, **kwargs)[source]#

Load a case and set up a system without running routine. Return a system.

Takes other kwargs recognizable by System, such as addfile, input_path, and no_putput.

case: str

Path to the test case

codegenbool, optional

Call full System.prepare on the returned system. Set to True if one need to inspect pretty-print equations and run simulations.

setupbool, optional

Call System.setup after loading

use_input_pathbool, optional

True to use the input_path argument to behave the same as andes.main.run.


If one need to add devices in addition to these from the case file, do setup=False and call System.add() to add devices. When done, manually invoke setup() to set up the system.